Psychedelic Rock Posters

This web shop features a rare collection of vintage art and psychedelic rock posters from the 1960’s and 70’s. All of the rare posters available for sale on this site are not reproductions but originally printed in the 60’s using lithography and silkscreen. Some are still rolled in their original packaging, most are in perfect condition and there are only limited quantities available.

A new era of art was created in Europe during the 1960’s and 70’s led by artists among other Martin Sharp, Alan Aldridge and Michael English, inspired by famous classic artists such as Vincent Van Gogh and the at the time contemporary Pop Art movement. The posters have strong, rich and saturated colors, elaborate typography and powerful graphic icons and symbolisms are among the many distinguishing hallmarks that set them apart. Their art gained immediate attention which influenced magazine art covers and music album covers.

Notable Works

By far the most notable works of art were the posters that these artists created. The artists wanted to share their psychedelic experiences through their artwork, a theme that appealed to a younger generation of sex, drugs, and, rock and roll. They were distributed at concerts and sold at local stores, under the ideal to spread good art for everyone to enjoy.

Collectibles and Rarities

To keep costs low, silkscreen or lithograph was used to print the posters. The posters are now vintage works of art and are true  limited collectibles. Notably, most posters are not signed, as the artists themselves did not anticipate their future value as vintage art posters.

Featured Poster Galleries

These galleries are hand-picked collections, for those who are interested in more than a single poster.

Creative Computers

A computer graphic, No. 3 in the Metamorphoses Series by the Computer Technique Group from Japan. Idea b...
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John Lennon - Bag One

Original lithography prints of the Artwork of John Lennon. In 1969 John Lennon compiled "Bag One", a portfolio of drawings that depict John & Yok...
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Labour Party

The Labour Party, which was founded in 1900, didn't become a real challenger to the Conservative party till the 1920's (http://global.britannica.c...
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Lord of the Rings

This series is part of a contemporary collection of five posters by the artist Count Dominic Charles Peter Bon de Sousa Pernes (perhaps better kno...
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Museum Poster

Original and in mint condition psychedelic posters featured in different museums around the world, that you can purchase for your own collection. Incl...
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Each of these Zodiac Astrology Star Sign posters was illustrated by a different artist, but they were all commissioned and copyrighted by John W. L...
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