Poster Shop drugstore - Get your Posters, Mosters, Rosters. There's news in town of a crazy fish who swallowed an elephant who couldn't believe his ears and called the nearest frog.

Coming from the gallery and art dealer world in the late 1960s, we were enthusiastic about the new concept of multi-art and multi-print.

We were one of the first in Stockholm, Sweden to open a wholesale and a Poster shop back in the 60s. That meant importing from all new and interesting poster producers from the UK and the US. We worked enthusiastically to the middle of the 70’s when we got tired of pictures and art, and started working with importing and selling silk screen printing equipment and did consulting work for mail-order companies. We initially did not want to sell the stock as we thought the posters were so good and had an artistic value. Some years ago we decided to start selling the posters again, so we set up this website.

We’ve stockpiled over a 1000 posters in original mint condition in a storage facility with controlled lighting and temperature. The posters although mostly in mint condition, vary slightly in their conditions. You can gauge the quality of the posters by checking out the condition guide. Please feel free to use the product enquiry form on each poster page if you have any questions.