Don’t know what the condition stands for?

This guide is intended to help you determine the condition of the posters. The posters are subjectively categorized and open to interpretation. It is important to note that posters that are originally rolled must be opened with extreme caution.

1Never SoldPoster has never been unwrapped.
2MintAs new, has been unwrapped.
3Near MintMinor signs of handling
4Small Bends in CornersMore signs of handling like bends in the corners.
5Small Tear or StainSmalls tears along the edges and corners, small yet visible stains.
6Larger Tears and StainsLarger tears along the edges and corners, visible stains.
7Significant DamageSignificant tears, bends and stains.
8DamagedPoster has large tears creases and stains.
9Severely DamagedPoster has large severe tears, creases and stains.
Original FlatPoster has been unrolled and stored flat.
Original RolledIn it’s original packaging. Poster needs to be unrolled with care.